Quality and Committment

SED senior Management considers a key to continually improve the quality level of the products and services offered by Sed.

For this reason is committed to determine its competitive context and the stakeholders involved in the activities of the company

The company periodically assesses its performance and the risks associated with its activities, so as to ensure a timely identification of new emerging risks and new opportunities for improvement.

The strategic elements underlying the SED Quality Policy are:

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Compliance with the Standards
  • The proactivity in anticipating the risks associated with one’s business model, the environment, safety
  • The continuous improvement of the Processes

The Management undertakes to provide the resources, training and support for the achievement of the objectives identified above by all Organization.

All employees and collaborators are required to have maximum participation and sharing of strategic objectives, the commitment to the correct functioning of the Quality System and continuous improvement, active supervision for the prevention of risks and problems for stakeholders.