Information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies

1 - What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies aresmall files sent and stored on your computer by the websites you decide toview. The text stores information that the site is able to read the moment itis consulted at a later time, thus retransmitting the information to thewebsite or entity that originally created the cookie. This can facilitate yournext visit and increase the usefulness of the site in your favor. Some of thesecookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, others areinstead useful to the visitor because they can securely store some data.Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating experience.

2 - Why does S.E.D. use Cookies?

S.E.D. usescookies to perform computer authentication, monitoring sessions and storingspecific information regarding users who access the server and are usuallypresent in the browser of each user in very large numbers.

3 - Type of cookie

Browsing ourwebsite can generate various types of cookies:

3.1 - Strictly necessary cookies (technical)

These cookiesare essential to be able to browse the website and use some features. They canbe used to allow the functions of "cookie  settings”, “completion of  forms"and muchmore. By continuing to use this website and its features,you authorize us (and our partners) to place this type of cookie in yourbrowsing device.

3.2 - Performance cookies (analytics)

We may haveperformance cookies placed in your browsing device. The information collectedthrough performance cookies is used exclusively by us or in our interest.
Performance cookies collect anonymous information about how users use thewebsite and its various features.
In particular, the site uses Google Analytics which is a Google analytics toolthat helps website and app owners understand how visitors interact with thecontent they own. You can use a set of cookies to collect information andgenerate website usage statistics without google's personal identification ofindividual visitors. In addition togenerating reports on website
usage statistics, the Google Analytics pixel tag can be used, along with some advertising cookiesdescribed above, to allow us to show more relevant results in Google properties(such as Google Search) and across the web.

3.3 - Cookies for Social Networks

Some SocialNetworks have been integrated into this site, which require plugins, in orderto share and make the world more open and connected. Privacy policies vary fromsocial networks to social networks and depend on the privacy settings set onthese networks.

3.4 - Third-Party Cookies

Google Mapscookies are used on this site. Google Maps provides interactive maps that alloweditorial operators to include customizable interactive maps within their webpages. As a result, Google can install a cookie called ”NID“(lastingsix months) and a cookie called ”PREF“ (lasting two years).

4 - How to authorize cookies or not

To authorizeor not a cookie during visits to our websites you can change your browsersettings. This allows you to exclude certain cookies or display a warningmessage before acceptance.
You can also delete all installed cookies, but each browser has differentprocedures for managing settings. Refer to  the help features in the menus of each browser.

5 - Disable Cookies

In thissection you will find the information to disable cookies on your browser. Weremind you that by disabling cookies some parts of the site may not workproperly. If your browser is not listed below, please refer to the instructions on your browserregarding the management of cookies.

internetexplorer version 6  or higher

Select ? €? Tools?€? in the bar of your browser- Select
”Internet Options“
- Select the item ”Privacy“ and then click on ”Advanced“
- Select "Override  automatic  cookie  handling"- Disable
”first-party cookies“ by selecting the item ”Block“- Disable
"third  partycookies"by selecting theitem "Block"-
Disable ”session cookies“ by clearing the item "Always  allow  sessioncookies"
- Click on ”OK“

Firefoxversion 9  or higher

- Select”Tools“in your browser bar- Select
- Select the item ”Privacy“
- In the ”History“ area choose from thedrop-down menu the option ”use custom settings“
- Turn off cookies by clearing the item ”Accept cookies from sites“
- Click ”OK“

Google Chromeversion 24 or higher

- Select”Chrome Menu“ in your browser bar- Select
- Select "Showadvancedsetting"
- In the ”Privacy“ section click on ”Content setting“
- Disable all cookies by selecting ”Prevent sites from setting data“and "Block third-party cookies andsite data" - Click on”OK“If you do not use any of the browsers listed above, select ”cookies“ in the relevant section of the guide to find out whereyour cookie folder is located.